One Third of Your Luck


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I’ve been trying to write additional articles and/or recommendations besides feng shui, but I’ve been busy and between that and procrastination, it hasn’t happened, so once again all I have to offer is feng shui.

Nevertheless, according to Chinese scholars, feng shui, which is the energy in your surroundings, represents one third of your luck, so it is worth reading.

Remember that the most important feng shui practice is physical usage of the space. During the month of October that starts on October 8th and runs until November 7th, the most favorable sectors are Southeast, Southwest, and South. In all three you will be safe but if you use them for what they are specifically good for, it would be better.

Northwest could be used to make new connections and find helpful people like doctors or advisors, but since the energy in this sector has not been the best during the year, be careful who you connect to because those who you think are helpful, might end up not helping you. Make sure you use your wisdom to clearly identify those with good intentions and separate them from those that have their own agenda.

North has been primarily favorable during the year, but this month it is not the place to spend too much time at. The energy there is a little nasty and unpredictable. If you stay there, you could be prompted to make more enemies than friends so try to avoid this sector.

Northeast hosts energy that supports cooperation and completion of projects. However, you should still be careful of your wealth and avoid making deals with people in desperation that could try to take advantage of you.

East would be good to grab attention and to promote gatherings and events so if that is what you do for a living, use this sector but be aware of competition.

Southeast is favorable to enhance growth related matters so anything that deals with learning, progressing, or improving yourself or your business, would be boosted if it is performed from this sector. This is also a good place to maximize the money you exchange for work, so if you want to work harder because it implies more revenue, this is the place to be.

South is also good for learning, primarily for learning financial related matters and/or to understand the real cause behind money related issues. This sector is also appropriate to become more attractive to others, to acquire new or to enhance existing personal or business relations.

Southwest favors power and authority and supports relationships, even though the process of getting recognition could be slow. If you are using this sector and you in fact want recognition, you need to be very clear communicating your position to reduce confusion and to guarantee building a great relationship.

Staying in the West could make you more vulnerable to sickness and to be recriminated for what you did or failed to do. In any case it should not be anything major so you don’t need to worry, but if you want to have a great month you would be better off in another sector.

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