Where Is Your Subconscious Mind?


Sub mind 3

In my previous blog post I mentioned that going deeper into your heart energy allows you to cultivate the intelligence in your body, that is your vital energy Qi.

In another blog post I said that according to Chinese medicine, the heart is the emperor of all organs, and it is responsible for intelligence, wisdom, and houses the spirit.

Today I would like to add to those two blog posts by saying that according to Chinese medicine, some organs in the gut, like for instance the small intestine, belong to the heart energy channel. And according to western medicine the gut has more neurotransmitters than any other part of the body.

In other words, even though they use different terminology, both, Chinese and Western medicine, agree that there is a lot of information released by the heart energy channel.

No wonder why according to Chinese medicine the heart energy channel also encompasses the subconscious mind, that hosts your intuition.

The subconscious mind represents 90% of your body’s energy. While the conscious mind, the decision maker, represents only 10%.

Your subconscious mind is your connection with the universal consciousness, the divine, or God, if you have any religious inclination. Therefore, your subconscious mind has access to all the answers, to all the information you need to be the best version of yourself.

When you practice The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day and you feel your energy, you access your subconscious mind. If you don’t feel your energy, you are still only getting to your conscious mind. It is ok if you don’t feel your energy, but you need to practice more to get to your subconscious mind because that is your source of unlimited possibilities.


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