Has Your Doctor Ever Said This To You?

Has your doctor ever said that you are untreatable, or that your symptoms are "all in your head"?

In many cases it happens because the doctor literally doesn’t know what to do, or how to treat you… but you do!

Doctor 3

You have an in-built capacity to restore your health.

That capacity comes from your vital energy, and you have the power to unlock it with simple slow movements, breathing, visualization and sound.

Your vital energy flows through energy channels that behave like rivers on earth and bring energy to all the places where it is needed. When the flow of energy is too much or too little, you get sick, mentally, emotionally, or physically, just like terrain gets damaged when a river overflows or when its water gets blocked by a man-built dam.

Any sickness is due to a blockage or an imbalance of vital energy. And when the flow of vital energy stops completely, you die.

But your nature is so perfect, that you have an inborn ability to restore your flow of vital energy and balance it. As with any skill, practice makes perfect so the more you activate your ability to restore your vital energy flow, the better you’ll get at it and the healthier you’ll be.

You can activate that ability when you are already experiencing any type of emotional, mental or physical sickness, but since in some cases restoring the flow of vital energy takes time, your best option is to start now, even if you don’t feel sick, so you stay as much as possible, away from emotional, mental, or physical distress.

Start with THIS ROUTINE and leave me a comment if you want to learn more.

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