Do You Let This Happen to You?

Phone Battery


I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I usually use my mobile phone as a GPS.

I was once in New York walking to my hotel and didn't really know my location... but I had my mobile phone with me, and I was feeling peace of mind because the phone was guiding me… until its battery dropped to 1% and I got scared. It was getting dark, I didn’t have a map, and all I could think of was what if the phone dies?

Fortunately, that 1% lasted a long way, and I was able to get to the hotel…but since then, I tend to check my phone’s battery several times a day to make sure its sufficiently charged for whatever I plan to do.

Since then, I also try to have a charger by my side all the time…I have one in my bedroom, another one in my home office, another one in the kitchen and of course, another one in my vehicle!

Do you also rely on your mobile phone for important activities in your life? Do you also tend to keep it charged all the time?

You might be wandering why did I tell you this story, what does it have to do with you?

Well, just as you charge your phone every day and even several times a day to keep it working, you should also charge yourself every day and even several times a day to keep yourself in optimal condition.

One way your body naturally does that is sleeping. Scientist don’t know why we sleep, the heart still pumps, the lungs still breathe, the brain is still active, so why do we sleep? It is your body’s natural way to recharge… but it is not always enough, otherwise everybody would be happy and healthy all the time.

To be in good physical, mental and emotional shape you need to go beyond sleeping so I developed a guide with five recommendations to help you with that: The Five Morning Habits to Win the Day.

Incorporating those habits into your daily routine would allow you to be charged throughout the day. And keeping those habits handy would be as having a charger by your side all the time.

CLICK HERE to download the file and practice.


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