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Qi and Feng Shui


If you have heard about FengShui you have probably heard about Qi (pronounced “chi”) and you have probably asked yourself what is it?

Qi is the backbone of Chinese Metaphysics, it is the subject matter of practices like feng shui, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture or meditation, to name some.

Qi is the energy that circulates and permeates the universe: Qi is within us, around us and throughout the whole universe.

Qi is known as vital energy or universal life force because it brings life to all-natural things, from mountains, to rivers, to human beings. But for Qi to bring life it has to flow, if Qi gets stuck, it causes problems and eventually life stops.

Qi has two basic forms: Yin and Yang. A perfect world or a perfect life requires Yin and Yang to be in perfect balance.

In our body Qi flows through the meridian system, an invisible energy system that contains energy points and energy centers. All sicknesses are caused by Qi blockages in that system, when the blockages are removed through acupuncture or other healing techniques, we restore the flow of Qi and achieve health.

On earth, Qi flows on the wind (feng) and rests on the water (shui). Qi is conceived through the interaction between the universe and earth’s natural forms (mountains and rivers), and it is contained, conducted and/or emanated by those natural forms. Qi can be favorable and in such case it nourishes, or unfavorable and in such case it harms.  

Classical feng shui focuses on the flow of Qi on earth. After thousands of years of empirical research the Chinese established rules to assess it and to quantify its benefits on properties, depending on the properties’ connection to the environment and the way they receive Qi.

Qi always flows from the external environment to the internal environment and the main objective of feng shui is to facilitate the flow of favorable Qi into and within properties.

We cannot see Qi flow but we can determine the features that are conducive of favorable Qi flow and the features that are conducive of unfavorable Qi flow.

Qi is primarily received from outside, this is why it is important to assess the connection of properties to their land, based on the position of their doors.

The assessment of Qi can be performed visually or by formula. If we cannot see the physical features, we can still get an idea of the quality of Qi that properties receive, based on formulas.

Whether we are looking at forms or using formulas we have to understand the theory of the five elements water, wood, fire, earth and metal, which are the phases or movements of Qi in the environment, generated from the interaction between yin and yang.

The elements can be physical, for instance a water pond represents water, a plant represents wood, a lit candle represents fire, a crystal represents earth and a copper figure represents metal. However, the five elements are mostly calculated and represented by the direction and location of planets and stars in the universe. Applying the five elements theory allows us to achieve Qi balance and fix problems.

Everything that exists is represented by en element or a mixture of elements. Ideal feng shui is simple: The environment should produce the element of the property and the property should produce the element of the occupants, the more time the occupants stay in a property that produces them, the better their lives will be.

Stay tuned to learn how to apply this simple feng shui principle or contact me to apply additional principles and get even better and faster results. 


You Are Your Best Healer


You might have heard it before or you might have not but regardless, I want to bring it up to your attention because it is very important for you to keep it in mind.

I have mentioned before but in case this is the first time you read me, there is a vital energy that flows within you and throughout the whole universe. This is the same vital energy known as Qi for the Chinese, or as Prana for the Hindus, or as pneuma for the Greeks.

In our body, this vital energy flows through energy channels that behave like rivers on earth and bring energy to all the places where it is needed.

Think what happens when the water in a river overflows, it causes damages around it. Think what happens when the water level in a river goes down or when its flow is blocked by a man-built dam, that also causes damages around the area.

In a similar way when there is overflow or lack of vital energy in the body, we get sick, emotionally, mentally, physically, or even spiritually sick. In other words, any sickness and even any trouble or pain is due to a blockage or an imbalance of vital energy in the body. Up to the point that when the flow of vital energy stops, we simply die.

But our nature is so perfect, that we have an in-built capacity to restore our flow of vital energy and balance it, all we have to do is activate it. As with any skill, practice makes perfect so the more we activate our ability to restore our vital energy flow, the better we will get at it and the happier and healthier we will be.

We can activate that ability when we are already experiencing trouble, sadness, sickness, or pain, but it could be too late, because in some cases restoring the flow of vital energy takes time. That is why our best option is to activate it now and keep ourselves, as much as possible, away from emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual distress.

The activation of that ability is done through visualization, movement, breathing and sound. There are different techniques and all of them are within our own reach, but they are beyond the scope of this article. If you want to know more about them, please contact me.

In the meantime, I suggest you close your eyes, relax the shoulders, and breathe deeply and slowly inhaling and exhaling through the nose. When you breathe in, visualize beautiful light coming through every cell of your body. When you breathe out visualize any trouble, sickness, sadness, or pain turning into smoke and going away.

Smile and make it a beautiful day!