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Did You Make it Safely?


Hello there, it’s me again, writing an article as every month, because the energy around us is constantly changing and it primarily changes every month, and furthermore every year.

I’m all about tracking the flow of energy, not only to do better but also to avoid unpleasant surprises… As the old Latin proverb says: forewarned is forearmed.

Having said that, did you make it safely through the month of April?

If you followed my instructions and/or if you don’t have the zodiac animal Dog in your birth chart, and/or if you didn’t sleep or worked from the west side of your place, and/or if you didn’t constantly use a door located in the west side, you probably had a nice or at least uneventful month.

But truth is that the monthly energy was charged with conflict, and it still is, because as I write this post, the month has not officially ended. From the Chinese calendar point of view, that is the one that I follow, there are still a few days to go, but energy is already winding down so we could consider it gone.

How was your month? I hope you successfully made it through. Now we must focus on a new month, new opportunities, and new challenges. 

The new month runs from May 5th until June 4th. During the entire year the energy in the WEST side of your place is not the best, but during this month is less aggressive or dangerous. Anyways I still recommend you avoid using the sector too much.

Regarding the other sectors…

SOUTHEAST can be used if you are trying to establish connections to leverage on the resources they have to offer. Also favorable if you are looking for helpful people like doctors or advisors. That said, perform all activities to find and make those connections from that sector. The more you use the sector, the more support you will receive from its energy to reach your goals.

EAST is great if you want to be noticed if you want to be famous and if you want to bring to completion great projects. To be hired you need to be seen by recruiters, so this is also a fantastic location to perform activities related to applying for a new job or to get a promotion.

NORTHEAST is not the best place to be, it is a little nasty, so it is better not to use it. The energy there might trigger loss of power… or loss of money.

NORTH could be used for marketing or communication endeavors, it is appropriate to perform activities aimed to influence and seduce others, including sweet talk to you darling. But don’t expect this to bring you more money.

NORTHWEST is good for partnerships and collaboration. Leaders could get support from their subordinates and subordinates could boost their power, so it is ok to work or even sleep at this location.

SOUTHWEST implies hard work, so it is appropriate for those that love to perfect their art and for those who by improving what they do, or working more, maximize their returns.

SOUTH hosts energy that promotes power and authority, but it is weak so keep your expectations down. Nevertheless, you can still use the sector to practice your leadership skills and develop them further.

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Why Avoiding the West Sector is Key in April


In case this is the first time reading one of my articles, let me start by saying that there is energy flowing within you, around you and throughout the whole universe… that is Vital Energy, also known as Qi or Chi, and the quality of that energy makes or breaks the quality of your life.

During the month of April, that starts on April 5th and runs until May 4th (based on the principles of Chinese metaphysics that studies the flow of vital energy), the energy pattern in your surroundings is the same energy pattern that prevails during the year.

In other words, what is favorable is more favorable (maybe twice as favorable), and what is not so favorable is more unfavorable (maybe twice unfavorable).

The degree of favorability and unfavourability depends on many other factors like the quality of the intrinsic energy in your living space, or the quality of your own vital energy, or the actions and inactions that you take.

When you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a personalized consultation, I develop a comprehensive analysis of the existing energy patterns influencing your wealth, health and relationships and I prepare a report with findings and recommendations.

In the meantime, AVOID THE WEST sector in your living and working space because the energy there tends to be nasty all year long and during the month of April is twice as nasty… HERE is why.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.