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Align your energy with your space and your space with the environment 


 Would you like to get support from the environment to reach your goals so you don’t have to do all the work by yourself sometimes with little or no results? Make sure that your house feng shui and your office feng shui are appropriate so the energy in those places brings you the best in terms of wealth, health and personal relations.

Viviana practices classical feng shui that focuses on the manipulation of Qi, through the management of locations, directions and time. Qi is the life force or energy force that flows all over the universe.

Through a Feng Shui Consultation Viviana makes sure that you and the energy of your house or the energy of your office become synchronized with the energy of the surrounding environment so you get positively impacted by it and live a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.

It is like making sure that your house or office, as a radio receiver, tunes into the same frequency of the environment, as a radio station, so the melody that you listen to is harmonious and clear.

You may ask your consultation to be focused on feng shui for love, or feng shui for money, or feng shui for health, or feng shui to reach any other specific goal.

Feng shui was developed in China and it has been impacted by Chinese culture but feng shui is not religion or superstition; it is a science because its formulas and fundamentals are based on thousands of years of empirical research and it is an art because experience and judgment are critical in the analysis.

Nowadays we are exposed to various feng shui systems and school of thoughts but classical feng shui is divided into just two systems appropriate to feng shui houses and buildings as well as to feng shui offices, businesses and commercial establishments. The oldest system focuses on the observation of landforms and environmental features and the youngest system adds a time dimension to the study of forms and is primarily based on formulas and sophisticated interpretation methods. Both systems involve techniques applicable to feng shui for money, feng shui for love and feng shui for health. In her Feng Shui Consultations Viviana uses techniques from both systems.

The service can be applied to existing homes, offices and businesses or it can be applied to design future homes, offices and businesses. The service incorporates the following steps:

 On-site assessment visit

  Analysis of existing energy patterns influencing wealth, health and relationships




          Position of key furniture elements




On-site report clarification visit

The preferred method of assessment is on-site due to the need of precise compass directions but in many cases the assessment can be performed through Google Earth with the support of pictures provided by the client. If the assessment is done remotely, any applicable clarifications are done by phone or email.

Client is responsible for implementing the recommendations on the advised locations, directions and times in order to obtain the desired results.

Feng Shui Consultations allow people to reach specific goals by tapping on favorable energy in their living or working space and by activating specific sectors, which trigger the desired outcomes.

Feng Shui Consultations enable people to make changes in their lives that they would not be able to make just relying on human actions.

You don’t have to believe in feng shui for it to work. Once you tap on the favorable energy of the environment, the environment supports you regardless of your beliefs.

 Scaled floor plan of the property.

 Year of construction of the property and year that the occupants moved in.

 Birth date of the occupants (for residential consultations) or key business employees (for business consultations).

 Specific concerns to address or goals to achieve through the consultation.

Once you fill out the START NOW form on this web page, Viviana will contact you to request the floor plan of the property, schedule the assessment visit and email a Paypal link for you to pay for the service; you don’t have to have a Paypal account, you may pay with a credit card using the Paypal link.

Once your payment is received and the assessment visit takes place, Viviana will work on your case and will put together your comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation Report; then she will email you the report for your review and will schedule with you the clarification visit.

At any point of the process you may click on the CONTACT ME tab on the web page and contact Viviana to get additional information or to find out the status of your request.


Flat Rate for Feng Shui Consultations in Broward County. Residential Feng Shui Consultations outside Broward County vary in price according to the location. Business Feng Shui Consultations vary in price according to the size of the property, the location and the number of key employees.